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Authorized Commercial Roofing walks you through the entire process of getting a new roof system installed from start to finish. From initial visual inspections and consultation, to building out a comprehensive scope of work with acceptance from either you or your insurance carrier, to managing on-site project demands and quality workmanship, your project and communication of its progress will give you peace of mind. Our customers understand what they’re getting, why it’s best for their situation, and how their warranty protects them for years to come.

We offer the following services:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM
  • Metal Roofing

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Based on your initial inspection and then consultation, we will provide options specific to you. Most of our customers allow us to navigate the process with their insurance carrier, which ensures no damage is overlooked, and no materials are missed and no scope of work is minimized.

The majority of our work is done with insurance carriers and is at no cost to our customers other than possibly their deductible. We use estimating software that the insurance carriers use, so our rates are their rates, which gets rid of any haggling or inflated prices. Our primary focus is to ensure the proper scope of work is approved based on what the roof system needs, and nothing less.

When our customers aren’t going the insurance route and are paying out of pocket, we give them many cost saving options as well. These include partial replacements, repairs, or overlays. We also partner with many different manufacturers so we can get the lowest material cost at the time of the project and pass that savings on to you.

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