San Andreas, USA

Insurance Claims

claim process

Our team specializes in assisting you through the claim process with your insurance carrier. This begins with an on-site evaluation to assess if any evidence of storm damage exists. If there is any indication of damage caused by a storm on site, further testing will be done to determine if a claim should be filed. This process includes thermal imaging, core samples, test squares, and multiple weather report services. Once this process is complete, a recommendation will be discussed to see if a claim should be filed. If a claim is filed, we will assist you through the process with your carrier as an expert in your corner working for you. Our success rate in assisting our clients get their claims approved is over 95%. If no damage is found, there is no charge for this inspection service, and nothing is owed to Authorized Commercial Roofing. The report generated from this process has helped assist our customers for future events when damage does occur by serving as a baseline.

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