San Andreas, USA


Commercial Roofing Warranty

All new installations come with a manufacturer’s warranty of either 15 or 20 years. Once the project is complete, a certified inspector for the given manufacturer will inspect and approve the installation, then issue their warranty directly to the building owner. Authorized Commercial Roofing offers a 2-year warranty for all new installations and repair work, separate from the manufacturer’s warranty. See service agreement for terms.

Maintenance Program

Each of our manufacturers gives recommendations and best practices for the upkeep and longevity of your roof system. For a very minimal monthly fee, our maintenance program will cover all manufacturer’s recommendations plus much more.

Quarterly roof inspections with condition reports included

All warranty related work completed on site when needed

Other non-roof related issues sent to key stake holders for immediate action. This would include things like a frozen HVAC coil, broken roof hatch, clogged drains, etc.…

First priority for immediate roof needs when an emergency occurs.

Warranty Partners

Warranty Partners

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